Being a medical needs parent.

For the one taking care of a medical needs child. 
For the one living a life no one can comprehend. 
For the one praying prayers no parent should ever have to pray.
You are giving it your all and at the end of the day ... even when it still doesn’t feel like enough. I’m here to tell you, you are enough. You’re doing an amazing job.

For the one hearing the big words the doctors say and it’s too much to process, much less put in a google search bar. You feel as if in that moment it’s complete chaos going on inside your head trying to wrap your brain around what’s being said. I want you to know it’s okay to hear those words ten times before it processes. Its okay to search when they tell you not to, as long as you keep holding on to hope.

For the one still trying to figure out a plan.. 
For the one who seems like every turn is a brick wall. Know it’s coming. Just try to focus on each moment because sometimes even a day can be too overwhelming. Trust that everything is unfolding perfectly to plan. Keep holding on to the mustard seed faith. Keep making the phone calls, keep digging for answers, keep asking the hard questions. You were chosen. And it’s okay not to be okay some days. Just keep going.

For the one who has pain behind your smile. I want you to know you are so very brave. You are the hero your child looks at in confirmation that everything will be okay and comforted in the soft smile you give back. Most days you have no idea what will happen but are the rock he/she needs. You are worthy.

For the one praying for a miracle. 
I’m praying with you. I feel similar pain and I want you to know your not alone. The unknown is a scary place to be. Cling to the good moments, hang tight in your faith, know and believe better days are coming. We serve a mighty God who’s capable of miracles. On the days you don’t think you can go anymore, I pray you find that ounce of strength. Believe with everything you have.

Job 5: 9 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted

For the one who just simply needs peace. Sometimes that’s the toughest place to be. Life’s demands need you and you need rest. Take care of you. You are needed, you are loved, you are an amazing human, you are believed in and you are a warrior.