Day +41 | Paizlee Davenport Stem Cell Transplant

Day +41

Another miracle is walking (or driving) out of these doors today.

Thank you all who pray for so fiercely so my children. These two are walking proof, God is in the business of miracles and science breakthroughs.

To Dr. Alice Bertaina: You will never know what you mean to so many people. Not only are you our physician/scientist, but you are also our friend and you have treated us with warm hugs and love since the day we met you. You have made my children feel special, loved and calm during times of trials. You have gone above and beyond what your job entails to make sure Kruz & Paizlee received a beautiful transplant. You are truly one of a kind with a beautiful heart and incredible science. You are changing the world, and these two are living, breathing proof of your work. We love you!

To Karen: (AKA. Paizlee’s best friend & outpatient nurse practitioner) You have come to see Paizlee before work, on your lunch break and stayed late, just to see her smile and light up when you come in that room. As parents, we can’t thank you enough, thank you for sitting with her while we grabbed food or coffee. We try our hardest to put a smile on her face but sometimes she needed an outside friend, and that was you. You were such a light in our life (all the time) but especially during this hospital stay.

Lastly, I remember visiting Stanford over two and a half years ago, meeting with Dr. Lewis and the stem cell doctors and hearing of this particular stem cell transplant- but at the time it wasn’t available yet. The FDA put it on hold it and we were not even sure if Kruz and Paizlee would become candidates since prior to a bone marrow transplant was too risky for SIOD. Everyone was apprehensive and it was a long shot, but it was talked about. I remember during this time not allowing myself to get my hopes because I was letting the fear of the disease dictate their future instead of allowing God to do His work. Then, Dr. Alice took a job at Stanford in October of 2017, learned English in 2016 to be able to come, and on her first day of work, her first phone call was about a little boy in Alabama, named Kruz Davenport. She believed she could do a successful transplant and she believed a kidney transplant following could be done without immune suppression as long as he had my immune system first. I remember the phone call about this INSANE Scientific plan she had for SIOD. She and Dr. Lewis worked together with SIOD research to safely allow K & P to have this. And If it went well with Kruz, we would proceed with Paizlee. Well, here we are now with a potential treatment plan for all children with SIOD.

We never hesitated when the idea was presented to us. We never doubted. We just said YES on faith. We knew the outcome if we didn’t have these transplants. We moved our family 2,200 miles away from home 10 months ago...

And now two miracles walk out of the hospital with our immune systems to help them fight SIOD for longer life to see a cure. 🦸🏻‍♂️🦸🏻‍♀️

GOD IS GOOD!!! And all his people said....

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Jessica Davenport