Day +42 | Paizlee Davenport Stem Cell Transplant

Day +42

WBC- 3.7
Hemoglobin- 12.4
Platelets- 129
ANC- 2.46

Paizlee had her first outpatient clinic visit today. She’s still having some tummy discomfort around her button (ulcer) but over all she’s looking good.

She even ran at one point yesterday chasing Kruz when it was his time to drive the car. I mean, ran! You could never tell at times she had anything done. She’s made such a comeback. We pray she stays on this path with no set backs.

The countdown to day 100 continues.

We shared our thoughts on KFK today about the transplants & our gratitude towards Dr. Lewis for believing in us and SIOD. Drop a ❤️ if you saw the KFK post.

Jessica Davenport