Day +45 | Paizlee Davenport Stem Cell Transplant

Day +45

My beautiful girl 💕

Today was our “off” day.

Kruz & Paizlee play all day or watch movies together. We don’t go anywhere but to the hospital, so weekends we just stay in our room. Paizlee can’t be in public until day 100, and that’s sick season. We can’t really go for walks for the risk of sun, sis hates the sunscreen 🙄🤣 so that’s another battle.

They are just happy to be back together.

We’re hanging in there without daddy. Tomorrow is a busy day for Paizlee- labs, clinic visit with the docs, and dialysis. Kruz will be along for the ride. We have something pretty much everyday during the week at the hospital so it makes time go by fast.

So many times today I heard them laughing and giggling. It was nice to hear - Sometimes those laugh and smiles fade here, so when they come back, it’s even more special.

They both ask for an “off day” often. 😂 I’m like same y’all, same.

Jessica Davenport