Day +46 | Paizlee Davenport Stem Cell Transplant

Day +46

WBC- 3.6
Hemoglobin- 11.0
Platelets- 146
ANC- 2.24

Labs are GREAT! Our only obstacle right now is nutrition. She’s lost a little weight and still having tummy issues from inflamed digestive tract (chemo/mucositis) trying to heal. We’re on a lower calorie formula and it pretty much runs all day now. Hopefully as her body recovers she can tolerate more volume and higher strength. We’re pushing foods, but she’s not interested. Calorie goal of 900 with 600 coming from formula and 300 left to reach by food. 😬😳🧘🏻‍♀️

We had an accident as soon as we got to the hospital this morning so Princess p got a new blanket and outfit from the gift shop.

Let’s do a little update on Kruz: 
Kidney is working great. There was a concern last week with calcium in his urine. They called today to STOP another medication 🙌 that this may be the cause. Y’all this boy is on three small pills that I crush in the mornings and put into his gtube- THATS IT!!!!!! His GFR year came back incredible. He still needs 1300ml of fluid a day to really keep the kidney hydra aged and we give 540 of that in nightly feeds, and at least 760 of that in water through his pump everyday.

Kyle had a great first day back at work. I know he’s enjoying being back in his element. And of course he keeps the kids on FaceTime. ❤️

Grant we are working on us almost completed. Dr. Lewis and Dr. Alice are both working overtime on their research aspect part of the grant, and I’ve had my laptop working throughout the breaks in the day. I handed a lot of editing to Tori today, so she’s been slammed, but totally rocked it.

And if you look close, Paizlee drew on her bald head today!

Mommas strong, but mommas tired 😂 Monday’s are our busy days.

Jessica Davenport