Day +47 | Paizlee Davenport Stem Cell Transplant

Day +47

Today was one of those days, we rearranged our schedule to just simply be. And it was worth it to listen to all the laughs, giggles, and watching them play all day.

I’m working hard on Paizlee’s nutrition, this time is always a rocky patch where we push too hard she gets sick, but if we don’t push we don’t get the calories in. It’s a fine balance but we’re doing it.

On another note, Paizlee decided on our Halloween costumes (like she does every year), who can guess what we are going to be? 🎃

Hint 1: Kruz isn’t amused of this years pick, and Paizlee isn’t giving him an option 😂

If we get enough guesses, I’ll give a 2nd hint in comments.

Jessica Davenport