Day +48 | Paizlee Davenport Stem Cell Transplant

Day +48

I’m so proud of this little girl.

She saw so much with Kruz and there were times she literally shook in fear of anticipation at the hospital.

She thought she wouldn’t able to walk after leaving the hospital because that is what happened with Kruz. (His hip dysplasia was worse)

I’m so thankful for her trust.

This has not been easy. Her mind had to wrap around walking in the hospital “healthy” and walking out “sick”. Which is the opposite but in her mind she wasn’t sick when she walked in. She left bald, masked, tummy pain, and weaker.

But what she doesn’t realize is how strong she is.

She is building more strength everyday. She walks longer, plays longer, stands longer, and her itty bitty arms and legs are slowly getting stronger.

She rocks dialysis like a champ. She tries to eat when I ask her too, and by golly, she’s doing all she can to get home in her daddy and papas arms.

Paizlee Kay, you came into transplants with understandable fear, but with undeniable fight. You stand with determination to not let this disease take the things you love and steal
your joy.

You my princess, are a ray of sunshine the world needs.
We learn from you. ☀️

Jessica Davenport