Day -10 | Stem Cell Transplant

DAY -10.jpg

Day -10

Giving his sister loves this morning before moving down to stem cell unit.

This is a locked down unit with protective wear & precautions. I took him outside again before he left to get some ☀️ it may be a while before he gets out of his room.

Today they did chest xray, HD dialysis- trying to pull fluid since his medications will add fluid, and then he’s about to get IVIG infusion tonight for extra antibodies. He also started antibiotics & anti fungals just getting his body ready.

I’m headed back to the hospital now. I went to get Kyle quick warm up food for the stem cell unit kitchen & was going to just drop it off, but Kruz insisted I come in 😅 so back to RMH for shower & fresh clothes.

Tomorrow starts chemo. Pray.

Jessica Davenport