Day -11 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -11


Kruz is hooked to HD right now. First time back on it this week. Hoping for a smooth transition.

We will be going down to stem cell unit this evening or tomorrow morning. Lots of doctors talking, preparing, and making plans. Sunday starts “conditioning” - different types of chemos + Dialysis means more heads coming together for best plan. The dietitian talked to us today about what to expect. Main thing nausea- good thing is we have the G tube for nutritional purposes.

Ivig infusion tomorrow to get him some good antibodies going into transplant.

Also last day to pre order your shirt for Kruz & Cole. You will be able to help two families with one shirt purchase. Two different diseases but same lifesaving transplant - one on the east coast- one on the west coast, and many miles from the same special home town ❤️ info in comments. I know the Kelley family is so thankful for your support with these shirts, just as we are.

Jessica Davenport