Day -12 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -12

Kidney docs just came by. His phosphorus is normal & potassium is low so he can eat more foods with potassium. They are changing some things with PD to get some fluid off before going to HD, hopefully that helps.

His breathing test this morning went great. They said he was the second kid to ever totally complete it 👏

Moving down to stem cell unit late tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow I get labs & I start my first round of GCSF shots at 7:45 am PST. Starting to rev my body up to start detaching my stem cells. This will be 5 days straight & stem cell collection on the 29th.

We’re glad we’re here. Kruz’s tcells have recently dropped dramatically. Talking to Dr. Lewis today in passing, he said he would be concerned if he was “out” meaning if this wasn’t already happening and Kruz was in public or still at home. They said it’s not a medical emergency yet, but they are glad we’re here. Chemo will start Sunday. It can’t be pushed back any longer.

Pray for them as they deal with our insurance company - they told us to not worry about Insurance this is happening regardless.

Shoutout to Village Drugs in Muscle Shoals for saving the day and getting P’s BP med overnighted to us so we didn’t have to pay $679.00 since they aren’t in contract with BCBS OF AL. 😅😅😅

It’s real life y’all. So much is unseen. But the good always outweighs the bad. We’re blessed & we’re thankful for everyone helping us along the way.

Jessica Davenport