Day -3 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -3

First things first: we took a series of pics and this one was the winner Kruz picked 😍

Update on my cells: PRAISE.🙌 1st transplant bag has 15,000,000 (yes, fifteen million) stem cells. Bag #2 &3 for back up have eleven million EACH. Dr. Bertaina said he’s in a perfect place for transplant. With his bone marrow only functioning at 5%, we are hopeful his body will take to mine first try...

We were also warned... day 0, +1, +2, +3 will be rough. That’s when chemo starts kicking in 7-10 days after and he starts really feeling it. That’s when fevers come in and he feels crummy. We are all praying these specifically- praying for minimal pain.
This coming week is huge. We’ve prayed for this next week for so long.
He provided. 
Once he “engrafts” he will start to feel better, but that could be +10 after transplant.

Thankfully today & tomorrow are rest day. Today is just Hemo Dialysis & blood transfusion.

I came to stay with my boy and give daddy a few good nights rest and time with his girl. Words can’t describe how blessed I am for Kyle. He hasn’t left his side, he hasn’t left his room in 20 days. He has a notebook and documented each day. He’s the best daddy & said from day one, this is something he can do to help Kruz fight through this.

We’re enjoying the weekend and rest days. Next week will be HUGE! 🙏


Jessica Davenport