Day +4 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +4

Today was overall a GOOD day.

The belly pain/cramps come & go. With HD in the mornings it’s hard to tell if the pain is coming from him getting dry or the bacteria in his gut.

So it’s moments. 
Good & bad. 
Pictured below is yesterday & today. 
We’re blessed it’s just belly pain. Keep praying.

They told us day +3-7 will be the roughest. Vitals have been good. No change in numbers, which I knew that- mommy is just a tad impatient and the nurses still print me a lab sheet everyday 🙄😆

Kyle & I switched out at 9 am. He got much needed good food & a nap. In here, there is someone coming in every 15 min. We did get to play legos for a little bit & mommy cleaned his bed good, new sheets, his favorite white fluffy blanket, gave him a bath and changed his dressing and now he’s sleeping like the king of the castle.

HD pulled fluid today, we’re trying to get him in a place we can give him a break from HD. He got platelets during dialysis today.

Chest xray before HD started. It showed a little fluid around the lungs but the NP said his lungs sounded fine and if they took it again they bet it would be clear since dialysis pulled fluid.

We just pray for his lungs to stay clear. 

We pray for NEUTROPHILS. 

Come on cells!

Day +4.jpg