Day -4 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -4 to transplant.

Getting close. 
Tomorrow will be one week he has been taking chemo. 
Today was Hemo Dialysis (HD) and the LAST 👏DOSE 👏OF 👏CHEMO👏(Cytoxan.)
Tomorrow & Sunday are REST DAYS! Only hemo dialysis ❤️

Specific prayer: we know symptoms from chemo may not show up until 7-10 days after first dosage. We know this week could be tough. And we know after transplant, engraftment is a whole other hurdle. He will probably start to lose his hair in the next week or so. But let’s continue to pray for minimal nausea & pain. Pray for his body for the big day this Tuesday the 5th & that not one single germ in that room.

But as you can see, today was a good day 🙌
We’re blessed. We grateful for all the good happening right now!!!!

Jessica Davenport