Day -5 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -5

I know we’ve been posting a lot of medical terms and things that make your head spin….

But we are so blessed. 
Kruz is handling everything like a champ. We’ve had a couple scares with his heart rate & breathing but that’s it.

Praise report: they STOPPED the Fludarabin (one Chemo Drug). I’ve never seen more medical professionals involved, ever. The labs from the Netherlands showed for Kruz’s size and dialysis his body has reached dosage. Also ATG rabbit (ratG to prevent rejection) is DONE. 
What does this mean? We’re getting in the home stretch to receive cells. His body is almost ready. Just chemo Drug Cytoxan today and tomorrow and then REST on Saturday and Sunday, just HD those days.

Kruz has gotten sick a few times but for the most part he’s felt good more than bad. 
Thank you, Lord 🙏

We don’t want to speak to soon, we aren’t out of the woods yet. After transplant- the wait game is a whole other hurdle. 
But there is power in prayer.

Check him out! OUT OF BED! 👏

Jessica Davenport