Day -6 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -6

Chest X-ray looked good.
No fevers today 🙌
They are doing ultra sounds on his bladder nightly. Since he doesn’t produce urine, one med could cause infections so giving other meds to line inside of bladder & watching closely.

Anesthesia came by. Since his breathing/respiratory has been dropping from meds, they came by for precautions to make sure they can intubate. Praying this is never needed but if so they are ready.

Labs are coming back from the Netherlands (checking how much chemo is left or filters before and after dialysis since his kidney doesn’t work to filter) and Dr. Bertaina is calculating dosages accordingly.

New diet started today. Pretty much, if it’s not single packaged- he can’t have it. No fruit, fast food, cafeteria food, etc. Risk of infection with counts at ZERO. So packaged little Debbie cakes, individual wrapped gold fish packs, cheez it’s- etc. I’ll be making a grocery store trip early for his snacks. He’s getting nutrition by IV and feeding pump, so all is good there.

Still waiting to hear the plan on my cells. (See yesterday’s post)

Be still & know. ⛰ 
I’ve said that to myself many times today.



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