Day -8 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -8

day -8.jpg

Dr. Lewis, SIOD researcher came by today to check on Kruz.

Dr. Bertaina, Stem Cell Doctor- came by to check on her buddy!

Here is our Prayer calendar for this week and next. This time is the crucial part preparing his body. Chemo starts at 8pm tonight. (Not the ratG which was extremely hard on him) So let’s pray these are easier.

Thankfully HD got off an entire kilo today. 13.3 KG to 12.3. The medications add fluid on him. He’s back to normal weight and heart rate. He did get sick & have a little discomfort but for the most part today is a MUCH better day.

Pray for our buddy through the night. 
Tomorrow is more heavy drugs.

Also- Tomorrow I give my super powers. 
They called today and said my labs this morning showed great counts of stem cells, shots are working (obviously from pain) and no need for the power boost shot tonight. I go at 7:30 am pst for a 5 hour collection to give my boy a new life.

Jessica Davenport