Day -13 | Stem Cell Transplant

DAY -13.jpg

Day -13 to transplant.

Today he had a NP consult at the oncology dept. Covering info about the radiation dosage he will receive on the 29th to kill off any remaining T cells before transplant on 30th. They also got his body measurements.

He’s sore today. But not tons pain. Even though he told the nurse his pain level was a 10 🙄 (it was more like a 5, we know when he’s in pain pain) but he’s getting Tylenol around the clock.

We do need a specific prayer. Kruz is close to needing a blood transfusion. This could set things back a day, which is fine, but we will find out more when the doctor comes in & update then. 🙏

He’s hooked up to Hemo Dialysis right now that filters his blood, so he gets a break from 8 hours of nightly peritoneal dialysis. Pray for an easy transition. Kruz’s body is sensitive to change.

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Jessica Davenport