Day -14 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -14

This boy 💪🏼

DAY -14.jpg

Kruz had Hemo port & Chemo central line placed. Before taking him back his doctor explained the team decided a bone marrow aspiration would be added to the list today as well. SIOD disease can cause bone marrow failure. So the team wants to see exactly what shape his bone marrow is in now & have something to compare after transplant. We agreed.

Placement of lines/ports went really good. Bone marrow aspiration went well. He stayed in recovery a little longer to get his O2 back up. He’s going to be sore but he’s getting cheese-less pizza from his new favorite place tonight so he’s happy.

Thank you ALL- ❤️ For the prayers, love, sweet messages, and continued donations to KFK foundation for SIOD research. Also, Thank you for the gift cards you’ve sent out here or via email- we truly couldn’t make it with you guys!

Jessica Davenport