Day -15 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -15

Kruz back there enjoying cheese-less pizza.

DAY -15.jpg

We’re staying in the PCU 300 until Friday & then we move down to stem cell unit. We are doing PD dialysis this week and will go back Hemo towards the end of the week when we start getting ready for chemo.

Kruz has had some drainage in his ear so we have drops and he’s on an antibiotic for that. Getting it cleared up before we head downstairs.

Papa comes Wednesday the 23rd so we’re excited about that & Paizlee has her first kidney doctor appt here that day.

I start 5 days of shots on the 25th.

And no changes on dialysis really besides they want to pull more fluid off kruz. So instead of 8 hours every night it will be 10 hours of PD.

Kruz is happy as long as we keep the cheese less pizza coming 🤷🏼‍♀️
Momma has been working non stop in my “down time” - if that’s such a thing... 
Daddy is the real MVP & taking good care of Kruz & all of us. 
Paizlee is - as always - happy, little on the energetic side but being a good girl for the most part.

Should be an easy week. 
The 27th starts the big stuff. 
Rest up prayer warriors.... we will need some powerful ones. 
We love y’all and so thankful for every one of you. Every kind message. Every single prayer.

#stronglikekruz #kruznforakure

Jessica Davenport