Day -16 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -16.

Aranesp is working to make RBC’s his hemoglobin is 9.6 (came up from 8.0) so no talk of transfusion.

Phosphorus is high today so adding binder.

PD Dialysis again tonight to give the HD port a break. He’s gained some true weight and his dry weight is 12.0 KG- they are happy with that. Still pushing nutrition.

He’s feeling better and not as sore bc he’s taking some steps and moving around more. Also that smile- we can tell he’s feeling better.

He’s become quite the fan of 3Ds and has a new game on the way. He’s also a fan of his new target fluffy blankets (thanks for the gift cards 😉 ) and said “this was the most comfortable bed ever now”. Guess I’ll be washing this thing every day 🤣

All good things today. 💛 they are learning he naps at noon and he doesn’t like his schedule messed up 🙃

Jessica Davenport