Day -16 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -16

Today he’s been busy to say the least. Our doctors came in today, including Dr. Lewis -(SIOD researcher), with lots of information and learning about Tcells with Dr. Bertania -pictured below.

Kyle  signed consents for Kruz, I had more consents to sign for being a donor, we both had to sign for this procedure to be studied in the SIOD research lab, specifically T-cells deficiency that’s apart of SIOD causing the low immune systems - Really cool- This is future & present SIOD patients treatment plans unfolding.

Kruz did more “work up” today including:
EKG ✅ 

Tomorrow they will finish some of the work up including Echo, hearing and vision & more labs.

Change in “The Schedule” instead of Hemo port being placed tomorrow, it will be Wednesday the 15th at 1 PST- I’ll edit schedule as it will probably change often, same process just may be plus or minus a day on Kruz’s end.)

It’s weird for leaving tonight. 
I’m a control freak. 
I am not ashamed to admit it. 
Before I left I did wipe the room down again, including the bath & toilet with hospital grade wipes.. and I may have stopped by the nurses desk to triple check they have the right recipe for his formula...

DAY -16*.jpg

but in reality. 
Daddy’s got this. 
He’s so patient, he plays, he does anything to make Kruz smile...and he’s made “boy time” something cool for him and Kruz-man. 
Kyle even said - this is the one thing he CAN do to help Kruz through the process and he’s not leaving his side.

Me and sister are back at RMH & can’t wait to see the boys bright and early ☀️

Jessica Davenport