Day -17 | Stem Cell Transplant


Pictured: The women in his life... can be a little much (Jk he’s been asking for us)

DAY -17.jpg

Today’s an easy day. 
Hemoglobin is holding at 8.6 so no talk of transfusion yet.
They are doing PD dialysis tonight to give Hemo a break since we’re pushed back some days. 
Potassium is a little high from the curly fries so adding more binder. But They want him to keep eating.

This weekends focus is nutrition. Upping nightly feedings. Since he will have nausea in coming days from chemo they want to focus on good nutrition now.

Only other change he got those two pesky Ivs OUT (he has a central line in chest) so he’s super happy about that and says he can finally use his other hand 💪🏼

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Jessica Davenport