Day -18 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day - 18

yes you read that right. 
Date has changed to FEBRUARY 5th. 
Six days later than original date.

Here’s why:
#1 - lovely insurance.
#2 - sending samples to the doctor in the Netherlands who’s helping with dialysis & chemo drugs, this will provide them more time with sending samples.

Let’s share GOD in this. 
The other day y’all saw where they added in a bone marrow aspiration. Thank you Lord they did that. Kruz’s bone marrow is only operating at 5 %. FIVE. I haven’t cried until now. It’s when I thanked God for finding this.

What does this mean? 
Perfect Devine timing. That’s what it means. SIOD babies have a chance at bone marrow failure. We had no idea Kruz’s was THAT low. NO IDEA!

Our doctor said the timing couldn’t be more perfect. If he went into bone marrow failure it would have made everything very difficult & he would be in a very dangerous place. Now that he’s 5% we are even more likely for my cells to take. Any longer, would have been trouble.


They are testing more samples of his bone marrow for various things but nothing changes the plan. HE HAS TO HAVE THIS. HAS TO!!

They are scheduling a MRA between now and Friday of his entire body. Strokes are a concern during this. So they are doing the contrast and trying to find areas of concern before going in.

Blood is 8.5. Not transfusing YET but we figure soon. It makes sense now why his body isn’t producing RBC’s. Also we understand more now why his hips and back have been hurting more lately.

He’s not moving to stem cell unit yet. Staying in his room for the weekend.

My schedule stays the same for most part. I start shots the 25th (instead of 24th) and collect my stem cells the 29th. Instead of fresh cells they will preserve mine for him on the 5th.

We are blessed. We are in the right spot and He’s placing the right people and testing in our path. Thanking HIM 🙏

Jessica Davenport