Hang with me...

I will share an update everyday counting down the days till transplant and the + days after transplant.

- 14th- Admission- tomorrow 8 am. They will hit the ground running. We still have simple testing that needs to be done like hearing and vision, prob more labs, echo, probably will have to sign more consents. 
EKG, CT SCAN, & Labs.

- 15th - more work up. ECHO, Labs & possibly hearing & vision screening for Kruz.

-16th- placing Hemo Dialysis port. (This is a surgical procedure switching him from peritoneal dialysis to hemo- filtering blood) This process is a safer dialysis for “Conditioning” and chemo drugs vs his PD port now. (He will keep his PD Port in and move back to it ASAP) He is also having his Chemo port placed too.

-16th- is my first 4 hour collection of cells in an aphaeresis machine. This takes blood out, filters out stem cells, collects my stem cells and puts blood back in. They say to eat high calcium diet leading up since the anticoagulant in the machine will break down my calcium and I may feel side effects.

-17th- Kruz will start using his Hemo port for the first time. 🙏 Hemo is... well it’s Hemo Dialysis. Something we’re not super comfortable with. He will also move from PCU this day down to Stem Cell unit. It’s a locked down, sterile unit.

-18th- Kruz starts Conditioning. (Chemo and getting his body ready to receive my cells) 
This involves Lowering the immune system, opening bone marrow, clearing his out and making room for mine to go.
Side effects include: nausea, loss of hair, loss of appetite, irritability...and drug side effects.

The 18th through 30th we will need specific prayers.

-24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th- I go everyday for shots. Five days in a row. To rev my body up to detach my stem cells from my marrow, put them out in my blood stream and ready to collect on the 29th.

-29th- kruz receives a large dose of radiation. To kill off any of HIS remaining Tcells. An SIOD symptom is T cell deficiency causing low immune system. (Reason for transplant to give him my Tcells)

-29th- I have my last collection of my cells. this is a 5 hour procedure. From the previous shots I should have a large number of stem cells out in my blood. If they need more I may get another powerful shot to boost that & collect again.

30th - Day “0” TRANSPLANT

His immune system will be zero. 
we wait....
We pray and we pray and we pray. 
We pray for engraftment. 
We pray not one single germ enters that room... 
we pray for his mental health..
We pray for there is no plan B or C...Pray. 
We pray for Kruz. For his pain, for his nausea, his appetite...

This is a lot of information & honestly doesn’t touch the surface. We will share specifics each day. His cells have to do certain things & being on dialysis makes it tricky. Gods got this.

Jessica Davenport