Day +11 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +11

day +11.jpg

ANC (absolute neutrophil count) β€” 910. 
WBC (white blood cells)β€”-3.3


HUGE! Dr. Bertaina took labs and tested lymphocytes yesterday. Seeing how many alpha beta T cells were present. THEY WERE ALL MINE! this is excellent news she said.

Monday they will take labs for chimerism and send off, she’s going to expedite so three days we should hear results. This test how many donor cells vs patient cells are present. They say usually it’s 70 donor/30 patient but she expects it to be more donor. We’re praying for πŸ’―% my donor cells.

Today’s prayer: Cells totally take over, neutrophils go where they need to go to heal his tummy and give him some relief. The pain in bones and itching to come to an end soon, but we also know that is good sign. Keep growing cells. Keep multiplying & quadrupling.

On another now, How sweet are these little hands? πŸ˜­β€οΈ

Jessica Davenport