Day +9 | Stem Cell Transplant

 DAY + 9 

day +9.jpg

Happy Valentines Day! 
A day filled with LOVE 💗 & INCREASE IN COUNTS!

WBC ARE NOW .5 on lab sheet now!!!!!!!!

They say tomorrow we should see major jump!! It leaves us speechless watching this unfold. Kruz has had a rough time yes, but he’s had a better time then most.

Kyle and I and our family have spent the morning THANKING GOD.

We know we aren’t there yet. The next 10 days are CRUCIAL. Our doctors told us it will be a roller coaster, counts will rise then fall the rise. But these cells are growing.

Counts weren’t expected to come until day +10-12. 🙌

More updates: Kruz got blood yesterday, HD is going okay, he still has belly pain but praying with counts coming up he will start to feel better.

THANK YOU for praying for every single one of the precious and loved cells.

Jessica Davenport