Day -2 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -2 
to our long awaited - life saving - stem cell transplant on our journey to cure SIOD.

Kruz has had this dry cough for a couple of days, all chest X-rays and listening to him multiple times a day has all sounded and looked clear. However, with them adding fluid with IV nutrition and meds his little body retains fluid fast since his kidney doesn’t filter. Dialysis pulled majority off today bringing him from 13.4 KG to 12.7 KG- but he needs to be around 12.5 KG. We’re gonna get him up more, have him walk to the couch and back in his room, sit up in his desk and blow in the breathing thingy that makes the ball go up (y’all know what that thing is 😆) just to see if it will help with this dry cough. Also the room is compressed air in stem cell unit so extremely dry air that us Alabama folks aren’t used too 🤣

Today has been just rest and dialysis.

Tomorrow is radiation first thing in the morning. They said it’s a small dose but this will kill off any of Kruz’s remaining T cells and the last thing to get his body ready to receive my stem cells. Then Tomorrow afternoon, Hemo Dialysis & one last medication.

Please continue to pray specifics with us: to keep fluid in safe range on his body, pray this dry cough goes AWAY!! pray for no germs enter his room, pray for a safe & germ free trip to radiation tomorrow as he will get out of his room for the first time.

What can you do to support? 
•I know several schools including MSCS & Colbert county schools are doing a $1 hat day on Tuesday the 5th- transplant day and wearing their KFK shirt. Proceeds go to KFK. If your school wants to be involved, please PM KFK page to get on list ❤️
•Community Prayer night is tomorrow night the 4th at 7:30 at Highland Park Baptist. We will FaceTime in.

AND Please remember to lift up Cole Kelley. He needs all of our prayers right now. ❤️🙏


Jessica Davenport