Day +13 | Stem Cell Transplant


Paizlee’s flu test was neg. thank you, Lord. (we literally go no where & if we come out of our room we have a mask on)
Could be uti, could be renal related- she’s super puffy today. Just watching her closely & acting as soon as changes happen.

Kruz’s counts are AMAZING.
ANC- 3360 
WBC- 6.9

He’s still hurting. This is from Kyle:

He is still complaining about it (tummy). And a lot of mucus is coming out of his g tube but his heart rate tells me he feels a little better. There hasn't been any blood clots come last night or this morning so maybe it's healing.


Kruz’s BP is high this morning. Still having to do HD today. He’s 12.6 KG so hoping soon we can skip a day soon on Hd since his dry weight is 12.2 kg.

REAL TRANSPARENCY: it’s hard having two medically ill children. it’s hard having two children in two different places both needing BOTH parents. its hard being 2200 miles away from home. But on the hard days, one day we will look back and be so thankful for the sacrifices we made to save their life.

My thought today: You don’t come out a warrior by not going to battle 🏔


Jessica Davenport