Day +14 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +14

ANC 5460
WBC 9.6
Platelets 61
Lymphocytes (t cells) are present. 
Hemoglobin 9.6

Thank you, Lord for these counts. Daddy got a picture with them they are so good 🙏

He engrafted so fast, one doc told Kyle it could be a lot of inflammation from that.

Today’s goal- figuring out this pain in his belly. It’s been DAYS of pain. I text his doctor last night asking for an ultrasound since the abdomen xray didn’t show anything, she said she already had it in the works for today.

Hemo Dialysis come in at 1 today.

SIOD awareness: the Schimke spots you see on his little noggin are apart of the disease. (darkened patches of skin; hyperpigmentation)

On another note: HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT LITTLE BALD HEAD?? Oh my word. This angel baby!!!!!

Jessica Davenport