Day +15 | Stem Cell Transplant

The best the picture is gonna get today daddy said..


ANC 6409
WBC 9.4

He’s still hurting. That tummy pain in serious stuff...but his doctor said it will get better. They also said his stool doesn’t look like there is any GVHD. So they think it’s just his bowels trying to catch up from the chemo/mucositis. We think it’s getting some better.

He will get an IVIG infusion mixed with some type of T cell infusion tomorrow to help fight off this congestion. His swab came back negative for all viruses so that’s amazing. His breathing gets concerning at night when he sleeps, but still nothing alarming. He does have sleep apnea from his airway and shortened neck. When o2 drops during the night, we reposition him.

Tomorrow Nonnie & Aunt sissy will be here to help. 🙌🙌 we cant wait. We need more hands on deck right now.

He’s a fighter 💪🏼

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Jessica Davenport