Day +16 | Stem Cell Transplant


ANC 7600
WBC 10.9

we needed help and they were here within 24 hours. We were ALL relieved to see them.

So Kruz’ tummy pain hasn’t gotten better. They are putting him to sleep on Tuesday to run the scope down to check for GVHD and take biopsy’s in his GI track. Our doctor doesn’t think GVHD but at this point we need to rule out everything.

He has blood pressure patch (clonidine). He has a virus HHV6 that’s appeared, we’re on antibiotics for that. That said it’s common in stem cell patients. The IVIG antibodies should help with this.

Pray for Tuesday. They are booked in surgery until then, we were upset he’s having to sit in pain, but God’s timing not ours. Pain meds have increased.

🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 so thankful we have help here.

Jessica Davenport