Day +18 | Stem Cell Transplant

ANC 8640
WBC 11.8 
Platelets 68 
Hemoglobin 10.3

All good labs! Actually AMAZING LABS. 
Our doctor is also pleased with gamma delta T cells so praying that means, no GVHD. But we’re doing the scope still on Tuesday to see if that shows anything or how we can help the GI trouble.

& this is the best the pic is gonna get today 😅 we had a rough first part of the day. Lots of heat packs... legs, elbows, and tummy were all covered in packs lol. That’s what made him happy, so that’s what we did.

Tonight was better (after dialysis left) he was was laughing and playing when he saw daddy.

Everyone is blown away at counts 🙏🙌

Jessica Davenport