Day +19 | Stem Cell Transplant

Not the most flattering pic, but this is real. So 🤷🏼‍♀️ massaging his shoulders...


He’s headed back for CT SCAN very soon. 
His white count and ANC are both HIGH today. Could mean be his body in over drive OR could mean be inflammation or infection. No fevers though so it’s tricky. Could be GVHD, we will find out that scope on Tuesday.

At this point, there’s no more masking the pain, we’ve got to start ruling things OUT. Kyle and I are both here today. Our doctor will be here soon & it’s time to figure this out.

Cultures are being drawn in central line, Hemo Dialysis port, and peritoneal Dialysis port today.

There’s something going on and we’re figuring it out TODAY. Momma bear & Papa bear have had enough, and thankfully Stanford understands our concerns. His disease doesn’t allow room for error, it doesn’t allow things cant go unnoticed, and Kruz is a mystery. His disease is still a mystery were are ALL trying to solve.

Just pray. He’s sleeping now and peaceful. 
Pray the CT scan will show something, pray it’s easy fixable. Pray for Kruz. He is OVER IT.

Real post alert 🚨 sorry. 🙄😆

Jessica Davenport