Day +20 | Stem Cell Transplant

The old Kruz is back tonight. 
Ever since I got here we’ve professed our love for one another & how much we’ve missed each other 😂🥰

He’s also planning a fun filled night of me rubbing his back and head.

We’ve prayed to see him happy again. Today was a good day.

Tomorrow (around) 9:30 am PST he has his procedure with the scope. Praying we have answers and rebuking GVHD. 👊🏼

WBC 15.3
ANC 11,000
Platelets 77

No sign of infection even though counts are high. Our doc thinks it’s just cells working overtime.

He’s had his umbilical heria (that’s been waiting for repair during kidney transplant) and right his right ingunial heria (which he had repaired at 9 mos) is back. Doesn’t seem to be the cause of pain.

Specific: Pray they figure out what’s going on tomorrow & pray it’s GI.

Jessica Davenport