Day +22 | Stem Cell Transplant

AFTER 44 DAYS OF TOTAL ISOLATION, HE GOT TO COME OUT OF HIS ROOM!!! YES, like STEP FOOT outside his room & tour the stem cell unit!!!

(twice actually today & double masked.)

Thank you, Lord. It’s truly the little things.

Kruz is quiet the jokester and has some good ones for the nurses. He’s also clearly the ladies man 🙄🤣 everyone request to have Kruz as their patient.

Kyle & I have prayed to see our old Kruz back. And here’s a glimpse.

WBC’s- 13.3
ANC- 10,700 
Hemoglobin- 8.6 (down some) 
Platelets- 91 🙌 (he’s producing these on his own)

We’re going back to formula feeds and he tolerated 30 mls I gave to him by gtube.

I forgot to update, we switched rooms a couple days ago. Every 30 days you have to switch to another stem cell room.

So far, so good from procedure.

Our prayer now is to get him walking, he’s pretty weak and can’t stand alone & can’t stand with help for longer than 10-15 seconds (his hip dysplasia is also apart of it so gotta work the hips back out and get moving again)

Another prayer for counts continue to stay, many T cells on their way & hopefully next week we can take out boy home.. well home to RMH. Lol

God is so good.

Jessica Davenport