Day +24 | Stem Cell Transplant

Counts are same, really good! 
Keep it up buddy!

Hes been having withdrawals from the pain med (dialudid) the past two days since we’ve started going down...night sweats, cold chills, 💩 and even some throwing up.

But tonight he told me he felt great and his pain is number 0 - which we haven’t heard that in AWHILE!!!

My heart literally skips a beat when the doctors start talking discharge. Kyle & I both didn’t expect it to be this early, I think we both prepared for the worst so hearing actual GOOD news is sometimes hard for us to take and even harder to celebrate 😳 I’m sure you can understand that. Example: “Kruz’s labs are great, phos, potassium, sodium..” were like wait did you get his labs mixed up with someone else’s??? Lol

The counts just blow us away. I stare at the paper everyday, I collect them like a school project... like can I frame these?

I just stand in amazement at our God.

We’re far from over, day +100 is still a ways away, but our faith continues to grow as we watch more miracles unfold, He is going to continue to take care of us, just like He always has.

We will be talking about our girl soon. She’s going to another first for Stanford, just like her brother. Its also crazy to think, Stanford sees in depth cases all over the world and our children are “first” for them. It’s mind blowing to think our doctor landed here, with us, for us, from Italy, & the only one remotely familiar with SIOD & this type of stem cell. Only God can orchestrate that.

I’m rambling now, but I stand in amazement. It takes me days to process what all happens here in a day, it takes me reading papers to totally understand how unbelievable it is. It takes someone repeating our story in front of me to be like, wow yep, that’s our life...

We’re exactly where we need to be and God had this planned all along, isn’t that special?


Jessica Davenport