Day +25 | Stem Cell Transplant

WBC 15.5 yesterday to 18.0 today
ANC 11,480 yesterday to 12,740 today 
He got blood yesterday so hemoglobin is 11.2 today. Platelets coming up at 117 now.

When we have a jump in numbers, his arms and legs hurt and ache. Withdrawals seem to be some better, we introduced his feeding pump again today and he got sick 8 times. Not sure if it’s the pump or withdrawals or everything combined right now but he’s been doing great with bolas feeds.

We know it will take months nutrition and GI wise to get Kruz back settled. It happens after any major change.

The most important thing that happened today is after 35 days in a row, he got to SKIP A DAY in Hemo Dialysis 🙌 his weight was 12.3 kg & they are considering his dry weight 12. 2 kg so he had the day off. We did have HD and Hickman dressings both come up again (after two days) so dressing change is happening now 🙄 he’s so restless...

Pray for Kruz to rest tonight. When you’re in there you don’t get rest at all, pray for Kyle, it’s his shift tonight.

Lastly, Paizlee told me this afternoon “I gonna get that stuff off Kruz’s belly and bring him home”... she was so serious.

All I could do to hold back the tears...

Soon buddy, soon.

Jessica Davenport