Day +26 | Stem Cell Transplant

Meet Pete, the Pig.

For every 60 ML of formula Kruz allows me to put in his belly, he gets an item from the gift shop 🤦🏼‍♀️ now we’re working hard for the rest of the farm 🙄

Look whatever works right?

We’ve been able to get down and keep down 90 ML of his formula mixed with Rena start.

Labs are great. 
WBC 17.2
ANC 12,750
Platelets 99,000 🙌🙌🙌
Hemoglobin is 10.0 - I asked his doc about this today since we’re still doing transfusions, I wondered when he would start producing this, she said it takes a little bit longer with kidney failure.

I’ve seen more glimpses of Kruz back today. 
He hasn’t had formula in over three weeks so reintroducing takes some time. We’re so ready to get him off the TPN & lipids.

He’s took some steps today with lots of support. But it was steps. Working on getting him stronger.

Funny: Paizlee just FaceTimed us... she asked if it was dark here... we said yes. She said OHHH it’s dark here too at the Donald. 
We’re three blocks away 🤣
That girl keeps us laughing!

Praying tonight for Kruz to rest and keep this formula down.

Jessica Davenport