Day +31 | Stem Cell Transplant

After 42 days in a tiny, full isolated room 😭😭😭 he’s headed upstairs soon...

He’s going to 3rd floor to transition back to his peritoneal dialysis machine. They are not able to do PD in stem cell, bc the nurses aren’t trained. The 3rd floor where you do PD isn’t able to care for a stem cell patient, bc they aren’t trained in stem cell precautions. 
Since this is a “first” for Stanford...thankfully- they decided Kruz will be taking a stem cell unit nurse with him to the 3rd floor and will have two nurses for a couple of days, one for dialysis, one for stem cell precautions.

He was on Hemo Dialysis for 42 days...With only TWO days of “skip days”.... I can’t even explain to you how much this baby needed a break.

One step closer.

One thing that has stuck in my head the past couple of days.... “Won’t He do it” 👏

Jessica Davenport