Day +32 | Stem Cell Transplant

WBC 10.2 
ANC 8.18
Hemoglobin 9.4 
Platelets 134

The picture explains all.

Before we left our home over two months ago I prayed for all four of us to return healthy. That a real prayer with my children’s disease and going into to major medical transplants.

When Kruz left RMH Jan 14th, I prayed we would all be back together soon.

And when we left the 3rd floor to go down to the stem cell unit on Jan 26th, I prayed for Kruz to come back to the 3rd floor.. not just soon, but to physically make it out of stem cell transplant. That’s real life prayers.

Here we are. On March 9th- back on the 3rd floor with views, a recliner, and back on his peritoneal dialysis machine.

Some moments we get so wrapped up in the next step, we forget we once prayed for what we have right this very moment.

Thank you, Lord.

That was on my heart today and had to share.

Jessica Davenport