Day +34 | Stem Cell Transplant


This is a super late update. We’ve been non stop since we got here. We had a party waiting on him. We also had 30.. yes, THIRTY boxes of supplies here waiting on us... from dialysis, to Hickman dressing supplies, to formula, feeding pump, feeding bags, syringes, heprin supplies, to the usual mask, gloves, santi wipes, etc... and let’s not talk about meds 😅😅😅😅

It’s after 10pm here and Paizlee just got her bath. Kyle Davenport & I just finished putting things away and getting Kruz hooked up to his machine & pump. We had to go to target this morning to get more storage drawers for supplies, but the great news is KRUZ IS HERE. all his things are here, and he’s so comfy in his bed.

In the morning we go back for dialysis appt then we go to stem cell appts and labs.

Leaving the hospital today, kruz was sitting in his car seat and out of no where we heard the sweetest little voice said “Thank you God” from Kruz. We said what? Kruz said “Thank you God for letting me leave” 
Our hearts shattered.

We’re so happy!! After 56 days were all sleeping under the same roof again.

Jessica Davenport