Day +35 | Stem Cell Transplant

Best picture ever from yesterday I had to share. 🦸🏻‍♂️🦸🏻‍♀️

Today’s labs
WBC - 7.6
Hemoglobin - 8.5
Platelets- 177 
ANC - 5.83 (5,830 neutrophils)

Labs have went up, up, way up, down some and down more & everything is finally leveling out. As long as it stays in normal range, we’re okay. We already have circulating BPX from his second round of “super powers” he got before we left (modified T cells).

Today was pretty long. Dialysis clinic appt, trying to get him back on track with PD. His BP has been high, so we’re watching it closely. Then we went to stem cell appt. Tomorrow is our off day & we go back Thursday for his shot.

He can’t go out in public until middle of May. He wears a N95 mask if he leaves the room. He can’t have restaurant food or fast food until May, but as of now, he’s really not interested in food (they said it would be awhile before his appetite is back). We still take all precautions as we did at home. If Kyle and I go in public for groceries or meds, we shower as soon as we get back, shoes off & kept in a tub with lid, and lots and lots and lots of hospital santi wipes & cleaning 😅

And sister is so pumped she has her brother back! So are we!!! Love these two super hero’s and so thankful !!!

Jessica Davenport