Day +41 | Stem Cell Transplant

Dr. Alice, (his stem cell doctor) walks in and this boy lights UP! We’re so blessed to be in her care. I truly believe she was sent to Stanford from Italy, for us, for SIOD.

Labs are good!! 
WBC 6.1 
Hemoglobin is holding at 8.4
Platelets are 246 🙌 
ANC 4.94
Sodium, phos, potassium are all okay! So we can offer Mac-n-cheese 🧀(pretty much the only thing he cares to eat)

Tonight I have the honor of sitting with Dr. Alice at the Center for Definitive and Curative Medicine dinner. I can’t tell you how much gene therapy and stem cells will help my children live a better quality of life, I don’t understand all the science but what is happening here at Stanford is truly life changing for children. They are curing the incurable. I’m blessed to witness it.

God is doing big things.
Thank you for being our prayer warriors.

Jessica Davenport