Day +58 & +59 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +58

This is us three times a day.

I look at his belly and wonder how peaceful he will be one day without so much stuff. How just a nice bubble bath without worry of water getting into a port will be. To see him jump off the side of the pool to me... or run towards the ocean.

...what I day dream about ⛅️

Okay back to reality. This boy just never complains. Heck he could probably give these meds himself. Today was the dreaded shot, he took it like a champ.

GVHD is tons better, continuing on steroids but we lowered dosage.

His labs are good.

His IGG is low, below 400 so we’re doing IVIG infusion after clinic visit on Monday.

Paizlee is scheduled for Thursday the 11th for her bone marrow biopsy.

Daddy comes home tomorrow! We are SO excited!!

Day +59


Jessica Davenport