Day +60 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +60

God’s masterpiece.

This place hit me like a ton of bricks and just overwhelmed with peace. I told Kyle earlier this week I just wanted to feel peace for a moment, not that I wasn’t at peace with our journey, but peace simply able to catch my breath. And today I got to...I cried listening to the sound of the waves. I cried knowing how happy Kruz & Paizlee are today having their daddy back. I cried knowing He is making it all happen for my babies. I cried knowing what’s to come, the fear, the joy, everything. So we prayed, hard. Thanking Him for what he’s doing in Kruz & Paizlee’s life. Praying for what’s to come. Protection, guidance, and his plan for their life.
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God can overwhelm you by his beauty. 

As I sat there listening I just keeping thinking, “Be still and know.”

After we prayed I started the video, I looked closer to see a sea lion, one of Kruz’s favorites... little things.

I’m bringing Kruz & Paizlee back here when we are able.

Jessica Davenport