Day +62 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +62

I signed consent for my baby girls bone marrow biopsy and research labs/tissues for Thursday.

Not going to lie, I’m nervous...but I have faith. Paizlee is our sunshine, she’s never “down”, she’s always so full of energy so I know the day we see her down will crush us all. Our girl was diagnosed with SIOD so early, at age 1 and a half, so we’ve been able to stay ahead of treatment with her, she’s followed in her brothers footsteps and he’s even endured hardships so she wouldn’t have to. So we could learn from Kruz as they both pave the way. This biopsy will help us stay ahead with her treatment plan as well. 🌻

Kruz update:

Labs are good.

WBC 10.9

Hemoglobin 12.0

Platelets 98 (okay 😬)

ANC 8.88

We did have to send off a stool sample today. On the 25th a virus showed up on his labs (adenovirus) but he’s been asymptotic. Just precautions since we’ve had more 💩 past two days.

He’s getting IVIG infusion (now) since his IGG levels were low. This should help with any virus going on inside to help knock that out.

Still on steroids to keep GVHD away. We will slowly come down on dosage.

Having to pull more at night on dialysis right now with steroids & pizza in take 😉

We’re enjoying the “break” from the hospital stay and we’re praying for the plans to come. Talk of Kruz’s kidney transplant will happen in weeks to come to form a game plan for that, and our girl is about to need major prayers. She may get her daddy’s superpowers in near future.

Thinking of creating a “superpower” shirt to support our family?

Should I? 

Jessica Davenport