Day +66 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +66

Kruz & Daddy are at the hotel. Kruz seems to be better, just a lot of resting, movies, games & room service. Kruz took two steps by himself today. His balance isn’t there yet but he did it alone just holding onto stuff. He was SO proud, just as we are!!

Paizlee & Mommy had a girls morning. We went to half moon bay to see the ocean. We had a scare with P thinking she may also have c diff but thankfully her 💩 was much better that lab couldn’t even test it. Well take it.

Paizlee’s kidney doctor called we’re starting her on lasix medication to reduce the extra fluid she is retaining from her kidneys going down. Should know bone marrow biopsy results Monday but ultimately everyone’s fear is her kidneys will fail during the stem cell transplant with the drugs. So she’s being carefully monitored and every detail is taken into account.

Hopefully by Monday we will all be back together again. 

Jessica Davenport