Day +70 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +70

Today was supposed to be our “off” day, but ended up very eventful.

Paizlee has a viral rash. It doesn’t seem to be worse, spreading, and no fever... it was definitely something I’m glad I got her seen about. I’ve learned to just go with my gut. Sometimes I feel like I’m being over the top when I spot something like the tiniest red spot but then again It’s like if you let one thing slip, your in a mess playing “catch up” with SIOD. So anyways, Sis is okay for now. We pick up her lasix tomorrow & follow up with kidney next week. Hopefully rash will be gone in a day or so. 

🙌 Praise the Lord Kruz was negative for C diff today. I mean that’s an answered prayer from the stinky he had this morning. 

Both K & P have been around each other, so we’re staying put, no low grade fever for P anymore and watching her closely. 

There was one point today I said NO MORE SATAN. He knows how strong we are together. 👊🏼

So many times today I reminded myself to breathe. It gets super overwhelming dealing with this type stuff bc it involves moving. It’s not the care of our kids, we got that- it’s the relocation with all the supplies. It’s a challenge to feel “secure” if that makes sense...Where you feel comfortable & then next moment it’s uprooting again. Thankfully we’re okay for now and no relocating today, and hopefully not for awhile. 

So here we are! Both together.

Paizlee is fever free and Kruz c diff free.

Jessica Davenport