Day +71 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +71

We love uneventful days.

Kruz just has labs today to check potassium since we started a supplement on Monday. On 12 hours of dialysis right now. With a 4 hour PET test in dialysis clinic on Friday. After anything major it’s always a challenge to get him back level on dialysis. Blood pressures/weight mixed with steroids have been throwing us all for a loop. Over all he’s okay. Just needs mommas kidney when time is right. 🙏 almost exactly two years on dialysis. Bless his heart he won’t know what to do without his PD machine. That’s all he knows.

Paizlee started lasix today to help with her retaining fluid. Her rash seems better.

🎶 don’t worry about a thing..... 🎵 

(You can finish it below 😉)

Jessica Davenport