Day +48 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +48

Today was appointment day! 
Plus our usually “day”...
There is so much that goes on everyday, I really don’t even share bc it seems irrelevant to me bc it’s our normal, but to most people it would be a crazy day 😆 I literally don’t sit down, ever.

It’s either dialysis, making meds for two kids 3x a day, mixing three steps of feeds, cleaning a spot to move kruz, fighting Paizlee on her food she can/can’t have & trying to get her to drink her formula, cleaning the floor then working with Kruz on strength, laundry & sheet changes daily, supply orders, med refills, package pick ups, cleaning more, baths for everyone, dressing changes, blood pressures for both twice a day, weight for both twice a day, hickman dressing care, cap changes, daily heparin flushes... I mean the list goes on... and then trying to feed us by either door dash or curbside pick up... bc I can’t take us all down to the community kitchen and I sure ain’t trying to cook 😅... 
But half the time I don’t even think to share those things bc it’s normal..

One task today was getting an important anti fungal med filled at Walgreens that doesn’t have a drive through. Note: the TWO local pharmacies in network with our insurance do not have drive thru so I literally had my kids in N95 masks and had Kruz covered completely in that place 🤣 (see IG story for pics and daily shenanigans).

Labs today were good! 
WBC 5.0 - they are super please with that. 
ANC- 3.70 - I asked why each week his neutrophils drop lower, they didn’t seem concerned at all bc it’s still normal, but explained his new marrow is working hard to produce these they will fluctuate. 
Platelets- 212,000 🙌🙌
Hemoglobin- 7.3 we are scheduled Wednesday for a blood transfusion. It’s went from 8.5, 8.0, to 7.3 so it’s time. Being in kidney failure doesn’t help, but it could take longer to produce his own blood.

All electrolytes, sodium, potassium, phos are good!

And he loved his lays chips today!!!! 👏👏

I’ve had so many messages & some of those asking for our address, I’m trying my best to keep up with messages but thankfully y’all understand - So I’m sharing the address here. He can receive packages now, we just don’t have a lot of space in a 150 sq ft room 😅

Ronald Mcdonald House at Stanford.
Attn: Kruz Davenport 
520 Sand Hill rd 
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Thank you all for everything. Prayers, love, support, messages, calls, care packages, and gift cards. It truly means everything to us. Thank you for loving my kids.

Tomorrow Paizlee sees Dr. Lewis (SIOD researcher) for her immunology check up. Praying for her, her counts, her bone marrow, and her plan.

Jessica Davenport